Social Networking vs. Conferences


I tweeted this question yesterday and got a flurry of responses on Facebook. I want to bring you into the conversation. What do you think?

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My Tweet: Will social networking make conferences passe?

Chris Howley: No

Ali Bennet Thompson: I don't think so. It's still good to experience things hands-on and hear from leaders/experts who you might not be socially networking with. I think it might make conferences that are just speaking passe, but conferences like How2 where you do a lot of hands-on stuff provide a totally different experience than you can get online.

Courtney Fassler Walsh: oooh, I hope not. Conferences are such a nice get-away, a way to completely immerse yourself in whatever you're learning. I don't get that in my short stints online between changing diapers and feeding kids! lol

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Judy Comstock: We are social beings and that includes sitting across the table from another social being, touching, reading their eyes, and on the evidence goes for face-to-face conferences.

Me: Judy, spoken like a great conference-creator!

Selma Johnson: We need that interaction w/each other, to see the passion, caring, seeing something in action is worth a thousand words, also, those attend need to get away and be refreshed.

Me: I'm glad to hear face-to-face isn't a thing of the past. Too many great conferences to connect and learn.

Glen Woods: I would like to see more opportunity for actual face-to-face interaction at conferences, however. Rather, than typical one person lecturing to large group with little opportunity for connection. I say this as a presenter and as an attender. Group seems to be cracking the code on this with the How2 conferences. (

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Judy Comstock: These accomodations will certainly be evident at CPC'10 ( As with How2, we are recognizing that conference participants want and need time to interact and not just listen.

So…what do you think? Will social networking make conferences passe?

Stay tuned til tomorrow when I tell you what my Twitter friends said.


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