Snack: Mallow Sheep


Ingredients: Large and miniature marshmallows, white
frosting, red licorice whips, Red Hots candies, plastic knives, and
paper plates.

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Give each child two large marshmallows for the sheep’s body and
one marshmallow for the head. Use miniature marshmallows for legs
and a tail. Cut one miniature marshmallow in half vertically, and
place one half on each side of the sheep’s head for ears. Use
frosting to connect all the marshmallows. Create the sheep’s eyes
and mouth using Red Hots candies and licorice whips, attached with

Bible Connections: Young David, 1 Samuel
16; The Shepherds, Luke 2:8-20; The Lost Sheep, Luke 15:1-7; The
Good Shepherd, Psalm 23 and John 10:7-16.


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