Snack: Love Cookies


Stuff you’ll need: Pan of unsliced, baked
cookie bars; wire cutters, 20 gauge X 18-inch green floral stem
wire; scissors; 1/4-inch-wide red satin ribbon; plastic wrap;
stainless steel heart-shape cookie cutter and a metal

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Get ready: With wire cutters, clip each wire into
two 9-inch pieces. Using scissors, cut ribbon into 9-inch lengths.
Tear plastic wrap into 7-inch pieces.

Tell kids to:
*Use the cookie cutter to cut out a heart-shape cookie. Push hard
so the cookie cutter goes to the bottom of the pan on all sides.
The cookie will probably stay in the pan and need to be removed
with the spatula after all the cookies have been cut.

*Remove your cookie from the pan and place it in the middle of
your plastic wrap.

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*Fold the floral wire in half and insert the pointed ends into the
bottom edge of the cookie so the heart will be right-side-up when
it’s held upright.

*Fold the plastic wrap down and around the heart-shape cookie.
Gather the wrap at the bottom near the wire. Tie the red ribbon
into a bow to hold the plastic wrap in place.

*Give the cookie to someone you love.

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