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Snack: Fuzzy Arms

A fun snack based on the story from the book of Genesis on the life of Esau and the importance of being honest.

Theme: Honesty

Verses to Devour: Genesis 27:21-23

Supplies: a kiwi fruit, half a banana, a grape, two raisins, a plastic knife, and a paper plate.

What to Do: Rinse the fruit, and peel the banana half. Using the plastic knife, quarter the kiwi lengthwise-leaving the skin on the kiwi-so you have four canoe-shaped pieces. Place the banana half on the paper plate as Esau's body, and place the kiwi sections as Esau's fuzzy arms and legs. Use the grape for Esau's head and the two raisins for his feet. Admire your fruit sculpture, and then eat it.

What to say: As the kids are enjoying their Fuzzy Arms sculptures, read aloud Genesis 27:21-23.

Ask: How do you think Esau felt when he found out that his brother stole his blessing? How can dishonesty hurt someone? hurt God? Why do you think God wants us to be honest?

Pray: Dear God, we know that you value honesty. Please help us work hard to be fair and honest. Amen.

Allergy Alert: Some children have food allergies that can be dangerous. Know your children, and consult with parents about allergies their children may have.


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