Snack: Chips and “Salt”sa


For this zesty activity, you’ll need salted and unsalted
tortilla chips, a Bible, napkins, and salsa…

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Give each preteen unsalted chips in one hand and salted chips in
the other. Have kids eat their chips, one hand at a time.

Ask, “How did your chips taste? Was one tastier than the other?
Why or why not? How did you feel after you ate each handful?”

Read aloud Colossians 4:6. Say, “Salt improved the taste
of the chips. The salted chips left a good taste in our mouths. In
the same way, our words and actions should leave a ‘good taste’ for

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Ask, “What does a ‘salty’ conversation sound like? What words
describe a salty conversation? How can we be intentional about
leaving a ‘good taste’ for other people?”

Close in prayer, asking God to help us leave “good tastes” for
all the people we encounter. Then serve the leftover chips with
salsa as a snack.

Patty Anderson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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