Smooth or Rough


Children can learn through their sight and sense of

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Before class, collect many different-textured items, such as
corduroy, burlap, wool, silk, fake fur, sandpaper, waxed paper,
pieces of bark, small pebbles, and cotton. Cut these textured items
into 6- to 8-inch squares. Glue them to a large piece of cardboard.
Then place in your room objects that have matching textures, such
as clothing, scarves, paper items, and stuffed animals.

To play this game, have children feel the texture board. *Say:
These are all things God has made for us because he loves us. Find
other things in the room that feel the same as the items on this

Have children feel a texture on the texture board and then go
around the room to find an object that matches that texture. When
they make a match, let every child feel the object and the texture
on the board. Talk about how the object feels (soft, furry, rough)
and thank God for making that object. Then encourage children to
make another match and continue the process.

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