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Smooth And Soothe

Lori Haynes Niles

Toward the end of babies' time in the nursery or any time an infant is fussy, try a soothing hand massage. Rub baby lotion on your hands and follow the directions in parentheses as you say this rhyme:

God made this little pinky, (Rub baby's pinky finger.)
and one to hold a ring, (Rub baby's ring finger.)
A tall and pretty finger, (Rub baby's middle finger.)
one to point at everything. (Rub baby's index finger.)
A short, strong thumb, (Rub baby's thumb.)
and then the Lord was through
With this precious little hand God gave to you. (Stroke baby's palm.)

Besides the calming effect this massage has, babies will smell clean and fresh when their parents pick them up.

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