Skit: An Easter Story


The Scene: Three children with a Bible discussing the true meaning of Easter.

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The Characters: Three children, the Easter Bunny, the Teacher, Jesus on a stick pony, two children with palm
branches, Jesus carrying a large cross, a Roman soldier with a “whip,” and a child in robes.

(Easter Bunny enters stage.)

Easter Bunny: Hey! It’s me! Happy Easter!

Child 1: Yeah, whatever. (Continues talking to the others.)

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Easter Bunny: (Jumps around excitedly to get their attention again.) Hey! Hey! It’s me! Aren’t you excited?

Child 2: (sarcastically) Oh…yeah… sure. We’re real excited.

Easter Bunny: (Walks over and listens in on the conversation to see what’s going on for a few moments before speaking.) What are you guys talking about anyway?

Child 3: We’re talking about Easter!

Easter Bunny: Yeah! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! I’m all about Easter — and I’m here! (All the children laugh; the Easter bunny looks confused.)

Easter Bunny: Why aren’t you guys excited to see me?

Child 1: Oh! It’s not that we’re not excited to see you. Of course we’re excited to see you. It’s just that you’re not really what Easter is all about.

Easter Bunny: (perplexed) I’m not?

Child 2: No! You’re not! And that’s what we were just talking about!

Child 3: (Shows the Easter Bunny an open Bible.) It’s all right here! And we were just reading about how the disciples got the greatest surprise ever on that first Easter morning.

Easter Bunny: (excitedly) Let me guess! Let me guess! (Stops to ponder.) I know! I know! A super-sized, giant, extravagant Easter basket that’s this high (holds hand up) and filled with all kinds of candy!

(Looks at kids and realizes he’s way off.) No?

All Children: No!

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  1. I am looking at your skit: The Ressurrection, and page 2 does not open. This looks like a great skit and I’d really like to be able to use it. Will you check into it and allow page 2 to open? Thanks, Myra Rickard.

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