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Easy — and cheap — ways to say “I care” all year

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[First-Class] Cards

Great times to send cards are birthdays, when children are absent,
and when children visit. Kids love to receive mail, but rather than
just mail a card from you, consider the following:

• Have all the kids in class sign a stash of cards so you can send
a card from everyone.

Children's Ministry Local Training

• Send take-home fliers to absent children.

• Send a note to visitors’ parents to let them know what you’re
studying in class in the coming weeks.

• With parents’ permission, have kids email cards. This is fun
with many kid-safe sites providing free e-cards, such as the
site has a wonderful selection of free online cards for every age
and occasion, including cards in Spanish. The site is sponsored by,, Trinity College &
Seminary, and others.
site from Kregel Bookstores has free online cards with a terrific
variety for every age and occasion.
fun, unique site is sponsored by Children’s Bible Hour and allows
children to design cards with the Card-O-Rator. on the Family
and Adventures in Odyssey sponsor this site with cards featuring
the characters from Odyssey. and
-These sites are sponsored
by M&M’s candies and allow children to design unique, fun cards
for their friends.

TIP: Don’t just wait for typical holidays. Instead, send cards for
unusual holidays such as Doughnut Day or National Bubba Day. To
discover wacky holidays to celebrate, check out Holidays on the Net

Ministering With Clowns

Patient Care Packages

If a child is hospitalized, involve their classmates in saying
“get well” by making craft care packages. Include a fun project
such as Tic-Tac-Toe

(Item number: CE301) from S&S Worldwide,, 800-243-9232, $9.99
for 12 kits.

In the News

When a child’s name or photo is in the newspaper, cut out the
article or picture and mount it on card stock.

Then have kids in your class write notes and add stickers to it
before you present it to the child.

It’s a Baby!

When a child’s family has a new sibling, send a “new arrival” care
package. Mail pink or blue gel pens, M&M’s Minis candies, and a
“Big Sister” or “Big Brother” button. Buttons are available at,
(704) 723-9250, $1.99 each.

All About Me

To get to know kids better, send home a flier for kids to complete
with their parents and return the next Sunday. With this
information, you’ll be able to add a personal touch to your

Month by Month

Show kids you care about them every month of the year with these

September-Celebrate back-to-school by giving
each child a Christian Pencil tagged with phrases such as “Friends
in Christ” and “Jesus Loves You.” From S&S Worldwide,, 800-243-9232, $14.80
for 100 pencils.

October-Let children know that God sees them as
very special! Give them Make-Your-Own Mini-Kaleidoscopes from
Oriental Trading Company,,
800-875-8480, $9.95 for 12 kits.

November-Send children each a note, sharing why
you’re thankful for them.

December-Give each child a Grow Ornament from
S&S Worldwide,,
800-243-9232, $8.99 for 12.

Memorial Day Ideas for Parents

January-Give each child an “Instant New Year’s
Celebration.” Fill envelopes with confetti, stickers, and a note
about how you’ll be praying for the children in the coming

February-Mail to each child a “Spread the Love”
card stock heart. Write a favorite verse about God’s love on the
heart. Then challenge them to pass the heart on to a friend.

March-Mail packets of flower seeds with a note
about how you’re watching kids grow in their relationship with

April-Care enough to share with children the
wonderful story about how you started and developed your
relationship with Christ. Then pray a blessing over each child to
also grow in their relationship with Christ.

May-Mail a class photo to each child with a
note about how he or she makes your class better.

June/July-Stay in touch over the summer by
sending postcards from your vacation.

August-Send Balloon Buddies to children who
will be new to your class this fall. Tell how you’re looking
forward to being their buddy. Balloon Buddies from S&S
Worldwide, are fun creations kids make by adding facial features
and feet;,
800-243-9232, $24.99 for 120. cm

Lynda Freeman is a freelance writer in Comstock Park,

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