Shine Your Light on Halloween Grades 4 to 6


A fun and creative Halloween alternative for grades

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1. Bible Activity: It’s War! — (Supplies:
ball, strobe light, newsprint, markers, tape, and Bible.) Form two
teams. Have each team come up with a war cry, such as “Whoop!” or
“Hyah!” Have teams line up at opposite ends of the room. Set a ball
in the center of the room. Then tell kids that on “go,” they’re to
race to the ball, grab it, toss it in the air, and keep it away
from people on the other team.

Yell “go” at the same time that you turn off the lights
and turn on a strobe light. Encourage teams to call their war cries
as they play. Play this game for three to five minutes.
Afterward, ask: How easy or difficult was it to play this game?
What effect did the strobe light have on your senses?

Read aloud 2 Corinthians 4:3-4. Ask: How is this activity
like or unlike the way Satan tries to blind unbelievers from seeing
Christ’s light?

Say: The Bible tells us that a war is going on right
now between the kingdoms and powers of God and Satan. Christians
are part of this war. Thankfully, we know that the side of God will
win the victory forever. Let’s think about ways you see the forces
of darkness at work, especially at Halloween.

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Write “darkness” on one sheet of newsprint and “light” on
another sheet. Hang them on the wall. Give kids markers and have
them list ideas on the newsprint sheets.

2. Craft: Stained Glass Lanterns — (Supplies:
a glass jar for each child, glue, water, paintbrushes, tissue
paper, and scissors.) Mix glue and water until it looks like milk.
Have kids tear or cut small pieces of tissue paper, brush their
jars with the glue mix, and attach the tissue pieces to their jars.
Then have them brush the glue mix over the tissue pieces. Let the
tissue paper dry.

3. Closing Prayer — (Supplies: votive
candles.) Give each child a votive candle. Encourage kids to put
their candles in their lanterns and give their lanterns to friends
who haven’t seen Jesus’ light yet. Have the children pray for these

Allergy Alert: Some children have food allergies that can be
dangerous. Know your children, and consult with parents about
allergies their children may have.

4. Snack: Food For Thought-You’ll need: Dried
pumpkin seeds, cheese spread, crackers, and plastic knives.
kids to: Spread the cheese on your cracker. Use the seeds to create
designs on your cracker that’ll remind you of Jesus and his light,
such as a smiley face, a light, or a cross.

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