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Shine Your Light on Halloween

Mark von Ehrenkrook

A fun and creative Halloween alternative for ages Pre-K

1. Let's Pretend--Have the children put on animal costumes and pretend to be animals. Lead the children on a parade around your classroom. Tape-recorded march music is optional but sure adds to the fun. March the children into the story area and sit in a circle. If you have time, choose different animals and have another parade.

2. Special Creations -- (Supplies: Bible.) Say: It's fun to pretend to be animals. Let's play a game about animals and plants. I'll call out names of animals and plants. If I name an animal, hop. If I name a plant, flap your arms.

Call out the following names, pausing between each one: dog, flower, monkey, bush, squirrel, tree, and cow. Say: The Bible tells us that God made all the animals and plants.

Read aloud Genesis 1:11-12, 20-21 in an easy-to-understand translation. Say: Who made the world? Who made the animals? Who made you? On Halloween, we can celebrate God's wonderful creation by dressing up as things that God made.

3. Look and See -- (Supplies: card stock, scissors for older children, markers, overhead transparencies, and glue sticks.) Before the lesson make a pattern for glasses and cut out one pair for each child from card stock (older children can cut out their own glasses). Also cut out "lenses" from overhead transparencies for each child.

Say: Let's make dress up glasses so we can see all the things that God made. Help children glue their lenses to their glasses, and allow kids to decorate the glasses with markers. Have children put on their glasses and play a game of I Spy. Describe things you see that God made, and have kids guess what they are. For example, say: I see something tall with leaves that God made.

4. Closing Prayer: Thank you, God, for creating us and our eyes to see the wonderful world. And thank you for the fun we can have by pretending, not only at Halloween, but all year long. Amen.

Mark von Ehrenkrook is a children's and family pastor in Puyallup, Washington. Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.


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