Set Free: Bible Game

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Use this Bible game: Set Free any time of the year but especially around Independence Day.

Theme: Freedom in Christ

Text: Romans 6:20-23 in an easy-to-understand translation.

Preparation: You’ll need a ball of string or yarn, and scissors.

The Message:

This string represents a chain. One person will begin and wrap the string around a part of their body such as an arm or leg and will name one sin that kids do. Then that person will pass the string until each person has had a turn. The more tangled up the group gets, the better!

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(After everyone is tangled up, have them sit as one group on the floor.)

How does it feel to be tangled up by these chains?

(Read the Scripture.)

What does it mean to be a slave to sin? a slave to God? How is being a slave to sin like or unlike being in these chains? (Have kids tear or cut off the chains.) How is being free from the chains like or unlike the freedom from sin that Jesus gives us? How can we receive the freedom from sin that Jesus wants to give us?


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