September/October 2015 Web Exclusives


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  • No More Monsters: Lots of things can be scary for kids—and for adults, too. Use these Scary Monsters to help kids know that they don’t need to be afraid because God’s always with them. (From “Age-Level Insights 6 to 9,” page 31.)
  • Paper vs. Ebooks: Believe it or not, 66 percent of 6 to 8 year-olds prefer paper books to ebooks. Check out the full reading report published by Scholastic. (From “Age-Level Insights 6 to 9,” page 32.)
  • Slimed: Sin can be an icky, sticky mess. Use our “Slimed” idea and these slime recipes we found on YouTube to lead kids in an object lesson about sin. Slime made with borax and craft glue. Slime made with liquid starch and craft glue. Slime made with shampoo and soap. (From “Age-Level Insights 10 to 12,” page 35.)
  • Interpret the Bible: So you want to help your preteens dig deeper into the Bible using a method that makes an impact? Here’s a quick video on how R.E.A.L. Learning works. (From “Age-Level Insights 10 to 12,” page 36.)
  • God’s Beautiful Daughter: Stay connected on our Facebook page; we’ll be doing a free giveaway of God’s Beautiful Daughter, the book we recommended in our preteen column. Hint: The giveaway will happen some time in late September. (From “Age-Level Insights 10 to 12,” page 36.)
  • 3 Ways to Listen to Parents: Use our Scripture Cookie recipe cards to get your families digging into scripture in a tasty way. (From “Family Ministry,” page 40.)
  • Taming the Entitlement Dragon: AnnJanette Toth suggested three ways to get kids into the Bible that will help kids go against the flow in an entitled culture. In light of that, three lucky winners will receive a free International Children’s Bible. Stay connected on our Facebook page; we’ll be doing this giveaway in late-September. (From “Taming the Entitlement Dragon,” page 64.)

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September/October 2015 Web Exclusives
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Jessica Sausto

Jessica Sausto is an editor in Group’s children’s ministry department and a key leader in the preschool program at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado.


  1. Marsha Bumbach on

    On page 40 of the recent Childrens Ministry Magazine is a small article about Scripture Cookies.
    It tells the reader to go to for cookie recipe cards.
    I have been unable to locate it on your website.
    Thanks for your help. This looks great!

    • Jessica Sausto
      Jessica Sausto on

      Hi, Marsha! Check out the 6th bullet point in the list of Web Exclusives above. It’s titled “3 Ways to Listen to Parents.” You’ll find the link right there!

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