Bible Game: What’s Inside?


In this preschool Bible Game: What’s Inside?, kids experience 1 Samuel 16:7 when God helped Samuel see how he looks at our hearts.

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Supplies: 3 or 4 lunch-size paper bags decorated with stickers or simple artwork, a variety of items with different textures (Example: rock, cotton ball, rubber ball, wood block wrapped in satin fabric)

Place one object in each bag and close the bag so children can’t see inside. Let children take turns reaching inside each bag and guessing what the objects are by feeling them but not looking at them. When kids are done guessing, show them the object in each bag.

Say: God told Samuel we see people based on how they look on the outside, but God knows what people are like in their hearts.


  • What was it like feeling inside the bags?
  • Explain whether the artwork on the outside of bag helped you know what was inside the bag.

Say: The objects in the bags each felt different when you touched them. What we’re like in our hearts is often different than what we look like on the outside.

Bible Game: What’s Inside?
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