Strengthen Your Ministry With These Safety Tips


A large part of ministry is the act of keeping kids safe whenever they’re in your care. Use these ministry safety tips and guidelines to strengthen your ministry and keep kids safe and sound.


Playground accidents result in 17 deaths and 170,000 emergency room visits each year.

Car, bus, and van accidents are one of the top three types of injuries for which churches are repeatedly sued.

Two of the largest insurance companies that insure churches report they receive up to two claims a day from churches for serious injury and one a day for sexual molestation.

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Six-year-old Jolene loves coming to Sunday school. Her teacher and friends know her as Jolie. Her single mom never thinks twice about safety before dropping her off at Sunday school; church is a literal sanctuary in the inner city neighborhood they call home. To them, church is a good place, a fun place, a safe place. But is it? Virtually every activity Jolie will be involved in on Sunday morning holds at least some potential risk. From being dropped off, to playing on the see-saw, to going to the bathroom.

We must keep our eyes open to situations and circumstances that could prove unsafe or harmful to kids. Keeping kids safe is a ministry in itself: “A ministry that makes safety and security for kids a high priority is a witness to God’s love, expressed through caring staff and volunteers. Many more people will have their faith diminished by an incident than will turn away from God because precautions are too burdensome,” say William Stout and James Becker, authors of The Good Shepherd Program.

The good news? Nearly all risks are preventable with your savvy application of these safety guidelines.

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