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I’m researching/writing  an article about safety for the May/June issue of Children’s Ministry Magazine. It’s supposed to be a look at all the safety things we’re doing in the church–and asking the question of where the line is when our safety precautions are too much–and have we crossed that line yet?

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So, doing the research, I found a site where you can plug in your zip code and find ALL the registered offenders who live in your community. Click on the little boxes and you get a photo, address, and list of offenses. Oh my gosh! Talk about striking fear in my heart!

Then I went to WalMart right after–and, of course, thought I recognized some of the offenders pushing buggies around the store. Was that a leer? Where’s my daughter? Wasn’t that the guy? I had to shake off all my suspicions and try to see these people as people–not potential offenders.

Which makes me wonder…the more aware we become of statistics and offender profiles (who love to target unsuspecting child-serving organizations like the church), will the line of protection become tighter and tighter? And should it?

I’m conflicted. Guess I better keep digging!

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Christine Yount Jones

Christine has more than 26 years of children’s ministry experience. She is the Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, has authored many books and articles on children’s ministry, and serves as co-director of the KidMin Conference. She’s responsible for development and innovation of new resources.

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For more great articles like this, subscribe to our magazine for only $15. Offer ends July 31, 2015.