How to Make Your Nursery Safe and Sound


Ensuring your children’s ministry nursery is safe and secure is the best way to win parents’ trust.

Imagine this nightmare in church security. For her first visit to a new church, Linda leaves baby Johnny with a volunteer in the nursery who asks for no information about Johnny—or Linda. So no one in the nursery learns that Linda has a restraining order against her ex-husband.

Fifteen minutes into the service, Linda can’t concentrate on worship because she’s worried about her baby. As she rises to check on Johnny, the pastor announces, “Linda Williams, report to the nursery immediately.” All eyes are on Linda as she hurries out of the sanctuary, embarrassed.

Linda calms Johnny then returns to the sanctuary for the last two songs. She hurries back to the nursery after church and is blocked by a crowd of parents retrieving their children. Once Linda reaches the front of the line, she can’t find Johnny.

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She frantically searches for him. Finally, a volunteer explains, “His dad picked him up right before the service ended. Johnny saw him and ran over, and then they left. Is everything all right?”

This is a made-up situation, but unfortunately, cases like this occur all the time in churches that aren’t adequately prepared for security issues. With a few precautions, Johnny could’ve been safe, and Linda would’ve felt much more at ease. Check out the following nursery security essentials to keep your kids safe, help parents enjoy worship, prevent lawsuits, and bring visitors back to your church.

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