Runaway Game

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This family-oriented game is a great way to teach kids that
God’s forgiveness is bigger than anything that we can imagine. If
you don’t believe us, just ask Jonah!

For this game, have family members form a circle and put their
hands behind their backs. Choose someone to be “Jonah,” and give
Jonah an object such as a plastic ball or small toy. Jonah will
carry the object around the outside of the circle, while family
members say, “Jonah, Jonah disobeyed. God forgave him anyway.”

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At the end of the phrase, Jonah will put the object into another
family member’s hands, and that person will chase Jonah around the
circle. If Jonah makes it back to the open spot in the circle
without being tagged, the person holding the object will be Jonah,
and the game begins all over again.

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