Rockin’ Summer Fun!


Your kids’ love for rock collecting can stimulate active Bible learning with Rockin’ Summer Fun. Plan a party or lesson entirely around a rock theme, with an outreach wrap-up! Invite children to bring rocks up to 4 inches in diameter.

Storytime-Tell a Bible story and have children do the activity in parentheses from any of these Bible stories: “The Good Shepherd” from John 10 (children build a rock sheepfold); “Rebuilding the Wall” from Nehemiah 3 (children build a wall); “Israel Crosses the Jordan” from Joshua 3-4, and “Elijah and the Prophets of Baal” from 1 Kings 18:20-40 (children build stone altars).

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After your Bible story activity, ask kids how it felt to build their rock structure; what kinds of walls and altars we build each day; and how these structures do or don’t show God that we love him or others.

Music-Lead kids in singing “The Wise Man and the Foolish Man,” “Rock of Ages,” and “Jesus Is the Rock.”

Playtime-For a fun game, have kids sit in a circle. Have each child choose one rock (not the rock he or she brought for the activity) and examine it closely. Then collect the rocks in a bowl. Pass the bowl around the circle and have kids find their original rocks. Amazingly, kids will know their rocks! After everyone has a rock, *ask: How well did you know your rock?

How did you get to know your rock? How well do you think God knows you? Then read aloud Psalm 139:1-6 to remind kids that God knows them intimately.

Snacks-Serve rock or “pebble” candy, rock cookies, juice “on the rocks,” or rocky road ice cream.

Outreach Ideas:

Need a missions tie-in? Cover a church wall with paper “rocks,” removing one for each dime or quarter that children contribute toward a missions project that helps tear down walls between people or between people and God.

Dispose of rocks by lining an approved creek bed or drainage ditch.

Refresh Your Community: Jesus said to “feed my sheep.” Here’s a literal application of that verse since so many little lambs will be outdoors this summer.

Each week, have your kids give a snack and a cold drink to kids as an outreach tool. Your kids could go to community recreation programs, parks, pools, or neighborhoods. Recruit a different Sunday school class to participate for each snack giveaway. Talk beforehand with the “serving crew” about loving others through our actions. Pray that the children served will receive God’s love through your group.


Rockin’ Summer Fun!
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