Rise and Shine


Easy crafts that’ll open kids’ eyes to the wonder of
Christ’s resurrection during the Easter holiday.

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One week that changed history forever. One unselfish act that
changes lives for eternity. It’s a week that reminds us that
there’s no greater love than the one Jesus gives. Dazzle kids and
impact them for eternity with these 12 new ideas for Palm Sunday,
Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.


Riding on a donkey and accompanied by his friends, Jesus was
welcomed into Jerusalem by a cheering crowd. People waved palm
branches to honor Jesus and threw their coats on the ground as a
sign of respect. Lead kids in celebrating the start of the Easter
week with a modern palm branch, a personalized invitation, and a
woven cross.

Parade Rally Towel

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In Bible times, people waved palm branches to symbolize honor.
In today’s culture, we show support for important people such as
professional athletes or political figures by waving rally towels.
Have kids create a Jesus rally towel to show him honor during your
Palm Sunday worship services.

The Stuff: 11×18-inch pastel-colored fabric pieces and
fabric markers

Create It: Tell kids to decorate a towel that
communicates something about Easter week such as “He Is Risen!” or
“Jesus Conquered Death.” During your worship time, recreate the
streets of Jerusalem, lined with people cheering for Jesus.
Afterward, have kids hang their rally towels in their bedrooms to
remind them that Jesus gave it all, just for them, on Easter.

Prayer Leaves

Kids can make these leafy magnets to place on the refrigerator
as a reminder to pray for and invite a guest to church on Easter

The Stuff: Green craft foam sheets, scissors,
self-adhesive magnetic strips, and black permanent markers

Create It: Have kids cut out palm leaf shapes from
green craft foam. Tell kids that Easter is often a time when
friends who don’t usually attend church will visit with an
invitation. Have kids write the name of a person or family they’d
like to invite to Easter services on one side of the palm leaf. On
the other side, secure a magnetic strip so the leaves can be
displayed on refrigerators as daily reminders to pray that people
accept the invitations and that their hearts will be open to the
Good News of Easter.

Palm Crosses

Recycle the palm branches you wave at services on Palm Sunday to
create these beautifully woven crosses.

The Stuff: Palm branches and scissors

Create It: Follow these steps to create your palm
cross. Click here to view a step-by-step video showing how
to make palm branch crosses.

1. Tear a thin strip off a palm branch. Form a
loop at the top of the strip. Form a loop at the long end.
2. With the long end, bend and crease the palm (at
an angle), diagonally.
3. Bend the creased strip around to form a
4. Wrap the palm around the vertical portion of
the cross, bringing down the strand.
5. Weave the strand around the middle-under and
up, over and down, under and up.
6. When the palm strand is near the end, tuck the
end in the middle of the weave to finish.


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