Ride the Shift in Family Ministry


The challenge of ministering to the family is complex for children's ministers. And the more brilliant voices we have speaking into this topic, the closer we'll get to solutions. That's why we asked Henry Zonio to coordinate a Shift Blog Book Tour to create the dialogue around the ground-breaking book Brian Haynes has written: Shift: What it takes to finally reach families today.

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Want to find out what some of the best minds think about Shift–and Brian's all-church strategy? Follow these blogs along the tour:

October 1 – Liz Perraud at http://thelogosministry.wordpress.com

October 2 – James Giroux at http://jamesgiroux.ca

October 3 – Lorraine Seaman http://www.rockrunner.blogs.com/al

sunday school

Kids LOVE these Sunday School resources!
Check 'em out and see why so many children's ministries around the world are having success with Group's products!

October 4 – Larry Shallenberger http://childrensministryandculture.wordpress.com

October 5 – Tim Inman at http://blog.inmans.org/

October 6 – Joshua Simpson http://pjsperspective.wordpress.com

October 7 – Micah Foster http://micahfoster.wordpress.com

October 8 – Amy Dolan at http://lemonlimekids.wordpress.com

October 9 – Jesse Smith http://www.sillypuppies.com/bookwormand http://sp_jesse.livejournal.com

October 10 – Michael Chanley http://pureconnect.org

October 11 – Gina McClain at http://www.ginamcclain.com

October 12 – Henry Zonio at http://www.elementalcm.com


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