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Cities on Hills

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Old cereal boxes and milk cartons are perfect for making miniature
cities and villages straight out of the Bible. Simply shape the
boxes by cutting them, decorate with paint or construction paper,
and assemble your village for a 3-D wall hanging or moveable lesson

Crazy Critter Containers

Kids can create wacky creatures using baby food jars and other
clear containers. Simply glue felt ears, pompoms, googly eyes, and
other items to the jars. They make excellent storage for pocket
change, craft ingredients, candy, and more.

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Butterfly Beauties

Collect the insulating sleeves from coffeehouse beverages to
create these unique butterflies. Connect four sleeves at the fold
using a chenille craft wire. Bend the ends of the wire for
antennae, and let kids decorate their butterflies.

Egg Carton Stackers

Cut the lids off egg cartons and let kids paint the cartons in a
variety of colors. Once dry, kids can stack the cartons just like
Lego toys to create walls, forts, and more.


Use plastic lids to create marionettes. Kids can poke holes and
tie together their puppets using yarn-head to body, then hands and
feet from the body. Attach a 12-inch length of yarn to the top
of the head to hold and maneuver the marionette.

Soft-Drink Can Wind Chimes

Make wind chimes with soft-drink cans. Just bend up the tabs, let
kids spray paint the cans outdoors, and then hang them using 3-foot
lengths of yarn. Each child can hang three or four cans at slightly
different lengths so they’ll clang together. Finish the chimes by
tying the top ends of the yarn together to form a hanger.

Fold-and-Go Checkerboard

Old placemats and soft drink bottle tops make a great game of
checkers. Just cut one end of a placemat to make it square, then
color a checkerboard using a ruler and markers. Collect 12 pop
bottle tops from two different kinds of soda (for a total of 24)
for the game pieces.

Fancy Baskets

Kids will love making these attractive baskets using cleaned
discarded plastic cups. Have kids cut the top half of their cups
into 1/2-inch sections. Then they’ll fold each section down and
under the next section until all sections are folded in place.
Finish the baskets with chenille wire handles.

The combined creative talents of Suzi Jensen, RoseAnne
Sather, Carmen Kamrath, Robin Reese, Mary Davis, Jennifer Hooks,
and Rose Goble contributed to this article.


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