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Reuse and Renew

Awesome new ways to use the "same old" recyclables


There's no doubt about it -- children's ministers are a resourceful bunch. We're always collecting -- paper towel rolls, egg cartons, tissue boxes -- for one creative project or another for kids. We love those recyclables!

Here you'll find totally new, totally cool ways to use tons of things people toss out every day. Your kids will have a blast letting their imaginations go wild with these unique craft ideas -- and so will you!

Noah's Ark

Use old cereal boxes to make a Noah's Ark kids can decorate and play with. Simply cut, fold, and tape any size cereal box using the provided template. Kids can decorate their arks using markers, paint, or construction paper and glue. Just add animals!

Shake It Up

Kids can create these colorful noisemakers using empty yogurt containers; various colors of electrical tape; and sand, pebbles, or jingle bells. Clean and dry the yogurt containers, then let kids pour a handful of sand, pebbles, or jingle bells inside one container. Connect the containers by sealing the open ends together using colored electrical tape. Kids can personalize their shakers by decorating them with different colors of tape.

Pringles Can Disciples

Pringles potato chips cans make great Bible characters. Just trim construction paper to fit the can, and cut out a circular area where the Pringles character's face is. Glue the construction paper to the can (use rubber bands to hold it in place until dry). Then make a headpiece by topping the lid with cotton balls or fiber fill and covering it with a piece of fabric held in place with a rubber band.

Bug Jumpers

Use hot glue to attach six 4-inch chenille craft wire legs to the bottoms of plastic bottle tops. Bend the legs in a V shape and attach googly eyes and other decorations to complete the bugs.

Kids will love having bug-jumping races or playing bug Tag by pressing down on the bottle top and letting go.

CD Creations

Old CDs offer endless opportunities for creativity. Glue two CDs shiny-side-out with a loop of yarn or fishing line between them for a hanger. Kids can add rhinestone jewels for attractive window hangings and ornaments. Or add round labels inviting kids to a special event or letting them know you've missed them.

Get really creative and design a classroom sculpture -- your kids can design and assemble a giant fish, palm trees, stars, and more using old CDs and glue. Set your imagination free!

Treasure Boxes

Collect those cute Altoids candy tins, and encourage your kids to make their very own treasure boxes using acrylic paint, beads, glitter, letter beads, and glue. Kids can store special items that remind them of God's love in their tins.

Tabletop Topics

Use a clear plastic CD multipack canister as a hot-topic game for kids and families. Simply print a variety of discussion-provoking, numbered questions in landscape format on an 81/2x11-inch paper. Trim the paper to fit inside the case, and reattach the CD drum. Children and families can play by spinning the holder or by rolling dice to find the number of the question they must answer.

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