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It’s not a pretty sight: You’ve got a class but no teacher.
You’ve called everyone in the church directory and no one will
help. What do you do? Here are a few possibilities.

Rotate parents. Parents of the children in the
class have the most at stake, so rotate them in to teach or help.
This is less than ideal because children learn better when their
classroom experience is stable.

Find someone who will team-teach with a
This is an especially good option for younger
children. Make sure the adolescent is responsible and spiritually

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Rearrange the classes. If you can’t find a
teacher for your third- and fourth-graders, try moving the
third-graders in with the younger grades and the fourth-graders in
with the older grades. This is often an acceptable solution unless
your classes are already large.

Shut down the class. It’s a last-ditch option,
but it’s sometimes necessary. Notify the church at least three
weeks ahead of time to make sure everyone gets word. Announcing the
closing of a class will almost always produce a teacher, though he
or she may be motivated by guilt. Give such a volunteer extra help
and encouragement.

Excerpted from Children’s Ministry Magazine. 


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