How to Recover From Mistakes


Made a mistake? You’re not alone!

Christine Yount Jones, executive editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, shares about some of her mistakes.  Plus, read about seven others who share My Biggest Mistake .

Whether it’s a poor choice, inappropriate action, or even a less-than-diligent work ethic, many professionals experience a career mistake that has the potential to derail a promising future. If you can relate, don’t despair. It’s possible to recover from a career-crushing blunder, and it begins with your attitude.

If you’ve made a significant career mistake, you may no longer be employed where the misstep occurred. So use the opportunity of a fresh start to clear your head and conscience, envision future prospects, and re-establish your career.

Overcome your past. Guilt or embarrassment over past failings can cripple your future. Experts say it’s important to stop looking back and look forward—while intentionally staying positive. Research indicates that positive self-talk almost immediately improves a person’s energy and performance.

Step into reasonable risks. Even if you’re averse to risk, you’ve got to be willing to take calculated risks—even if there’s the possibility of failure. Risk-taking is important for your professional self-esteem and health, and it raises your courage level.

Take control of your choices. You’re not a twig floating down the stream of misfortune. Get proactive when it comes to decisions that impact you professionally, and don’t allow a tendency to procrastinate or feelings of inadequacy to prevent you from asserting yourself professionally. Ask your leader for an honest assessment of areas you need to grow in, and get training or tackle new assignments to force yourself to explore these areas.

Adapted in part from “Recovering From Past Career Mistakes Is Possible” by Lee Anna Jackson.

How to Recover From Mistakes
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