Realistic Parent Training


I just saw this posted in a blog for communicating expectations to parents about discipling their children:

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  • Every parent must read and study their Bible with their children every day.
  • Every parent must attend a corporate worship experience every week.
  • Every parent must join and regularly attend a home fellowship group.
  • Every parent must be involved in at least one meaningful Bible study each year.
  • Every parent must be involved in at least one mission activity each year.
  • Every parent must be in a meaningful discipleship group with their children every week.
  • Every parent must serve in the children’s ministry as scheduled.
  • My response? Are you kidding me? How are we ever going to reach the majority of parents to make a huge and lasting impact on the next generation? This list smacks of responsibilities for the highly motivated Christian parent already. I'm afraid lists like these and expectations like these leave regular families in the dust and empty-handed.

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