Readers Speak MayJune 2008

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Last month on, we asked you:
What’s the goal of your ministry?
For Johnny to “be good” .5% For Johnny to “know God” 95.7% Other 3.8%
“It seems to me that out of ignorance, some people have set up a straw man in order to attack a program that doesn’t package biblical truth in the traditional way they think it should be presented. The ‘perils’ listed in the article seem to reflect such ignorance.” “Those who love the Lord Jesus and value him above all things are those who will want to imitate him. Imitation is the highest form of praise. Moral character, which stems from a love for God, is fruit that will last.” “I am concerned that some people seem to not be concerned with Johnny’s behavior. While we’re teaching relationship with God, behavior is an outward expression of this relationship.”


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Is Jamie Lynn Spears a poor role model for her teenage pregnancy or a good role model for not choosing to have an abortion?
45% — Poor Role Model 24% — Good Role Model 31% — Neither
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