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Rain Game

Form two lines facing each other. Have children in each line stand at arm's length. Tell children they'll make rain in this game. Explain that every time a ball bounces, it equals a raindrop.

Give the first child in line a rubber ball that bounces easily, such as a volleyball or soccer ball. Have that child bounce the ball, walk through the lines to the other end of the line and give the ball to the child at the end of the opposite line. Have the child who received the ball run behind the children to the start of the line. After that child bounces the ball while walking through the line, have him or her give the ball to the person at the end of the opposite line.

Give another ball to the child at the start of the other line. Have that child bounce the ball through the line and hand off the ball. Continue this process until half of your children each have a ball. For example, if you have eight children in the circle, introduce no more than four balls.

For a variation of this game, have kids stand in a circle and bounce the balls to each other.

Jolene Roehlkepartain
St. Louis Park, Minnesota


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