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Our current poll at childrensministry.com: "When it comes to classroom discipline, I am…"

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Here's what people say so far: 6% are scaredy cats, 57% control freaks, 29% pushovers, and 9% clueless.

Yep! We all need help with discipline! That's why we created the Children's Ministry Pocket Guide to Discipline recently. It's full of quick tips. For example, why do kids misbehave? They need attention, they're bored, or they're confused–and what to do about each one. There's more…tools of the trade, when not to discipline, and the moment that makes all the difference. It's written by Mikal Keefer who has a fun, insightful style of capturing attention.

So, check it out and get it in the hands of every teacher. It comes in 10-packs (for $12.99) so it's CHEAP and easy to equip teachers in this everyone-needs-help area. (That's why we made it so cost-effective…to help you affordably equip ALL your teachers.) http://tinyurl.com/nxtucs

No being clueless anymore!

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