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Publicity That Turns Heads

General Publicity

One of the key principles of publicity in general is that no news is not good news. Churches that use publicity effectively keep their church in the news year-round -- not just when they have an event. You can do the same by following these guidelines.

1. Develop relationships with religion editors in your community. "Drop them an email or give them a call when you have something of interest coming up that you think they might want to cover," advises Chris Sigfrids, publicist at Group Publishing, Inc. "Always share important events and milestones with your local newspapers and Christian radio stations. Editors are always looking for a good story!"

2. Choose your news. Make sure it's newsworthy -- something people will want to know. An after-church potluck is just not as interesting as giving away 5,000 hot dogs at a major league sporting event tailgate party.

3. Ensure quality and accuracy. Don't let mistakes, typos, and shabby work be a barrier to your audience. Do it right, and get someone to review it for you before sending it to your newspaper editor.

4. Follow up. Contact your media sources to bring your info to their attention and offer to answer any questions.

Signs of the Times

When you're creating publicity posters for your events, consider these good sign/bad sign tips.


• Able to read in 6 to 8 seconds

• Clear, central image

• Benefit stated boldly

• Specific details listed

• Something catchy

• Simplicity and brevity

• High contrast


• Small type

• Too much type

• Low or no contrast

• Too many colors

• No more than one or two fonts used

• Unclear main image

• No contact information

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