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Progressive Trip Tip Sheet

You're about to have a house full of guests from our children's ministry! Thank you for offering to open your home for this fun event. Here are a few tips to remember as you prepare for this open house.

  1. Decide which areas of your home will be open and which will be off-limits (safety and security are the two things to consider). Is your garage filled with sharp objects, or your formal dining room stack with antique china? You can clearly designate any areas that are off-limits with a sign that says, "Thank you for not entering this room."
  2. If you're serving food, think through the best traffic flow for food service, and then strategically place trashcans according to that flow. Cleanup will be easier when people can easily find a trashcan.
  3. Stock your bathrooms with plenty of hand soap, toilet paper, and hand towels. Likewise, stock your kitchen with plenty of hand soap, paper towels, and hand towels.
  4. Accept help from your guests with food service and clean up. While you're opening your home to us, we all want to pitch in with help. Please let us.
  5. Enjoy your guests! Be sure to focus on sharing your family, your home, and your conversation with your guests. That's really the reason we're coming!

From "Going Nowhere on the Cheap": A Progressive Trip tip sheet you can give to parents...

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