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Princesses and Pirates: Royal Invitations and more

From "Princesses and Pirates" featured in the January/February 2009 issue of Children's Ministry magazine

Sample Job Descriptions, a Schedule, and Royal Invitations
Royal Invitation (pdf) is here

Sample Job Descriptions

  • Table Sponsors: These people adopt a table of eight girls. They provide the table settings (plates, bowls, cups, silverware, napkins, centerpiece) and one item from the menu (optional). Table sponsors "mind" the table of little princesses, lead conversation, and guide girls to the activities. Each table sponsor stays with the same group of girls all morning.
  • Bakers: Bakers prepare all the food on food trays. They may need to shop for menu items the day before the event.
  • Trumpeters: Trumpeters can play real or pretend trumpets to welcome each little princess to the party and to announce transitions to new activities.
  • Host Princess: The host princess greets each little princess upon arrival and poses for a photograph.
  • Knights: Knights escort each little princess to a seat at a table.
  • Maids-in-Waiting: These people each attend to one table of girls, tending to the little princesses and delivering food trays for each course and refilling beverages. Maids-in-waiting curtsey and call the princesses "M'lady."
  • Storytellers: Storytellers read the storybook with gusto.
  • Decorators: These people are responsible for decorating the rooms and photography area.
  • Clean-Up Crew: These people are responsible for cleaning up after the event.
  • Photographer: The photographer takes a photo of each little princess upon arrival and then roams during the event to capture the fun.

Sample Schedule

Day Before Event

❑ 3 pm: Begin decorating
❑ 7 pm: Table sponsors arrive and set up their tables (table settings and centerpieces)

Day of Event

❑ 9:50 am: Table sponsors in place, ready to welcome girls
❑ 10 am: Girls arrive, trumpeters sound
❑ 10:15 am: Breakfast is served
❑ 10:45 am: Girls go to storytellers
❑ 11:05 am: Girls return to seats for dessert
❑ 11:30 am: Event ends
❑ 11:40 am: Clean-up crew begins work

Royal Invitation (PDF) is here

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