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Preteens: Ministers in Training

Gordon West

Fifth and sixth graders don't want to be treated like little children. They want to feel important! Here's how to pull off a training program that'll inspire kids this age...

  • Require a written application. Give kids a form detailing the requirements and have them complete and sign it. This will increase kids' commitment level.
  • Get informed commitments from parents. Have parents co-sign the application so you know there will be family support and so parents know what you expect.
  • Make the training hands-on. Use your best hands-on teacher training lessons and resources to equip these young leaders. Group Publishing's four-part video series, Preschool Teacher Training, appeals to this video generation.
  • Cover relevant topics. Deal with issues such as classroom management; the importance of being a good role model; how kids learn; using active, hands-on learning methods; and church policies for people who work with children.
  • Celebrate. Punctuate your program with a fun graduation party, complete with diplomas, pepperoni pizza and Dr Pepper!

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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