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Preschool: Praise Circle

Lori Haynes Niles

Invite kids to join you in this fun circle activity and teach them these age-appropriate children's ministry songs.

Age-Level Insights 3-5

Have children form a circle and hold hands. For larger groups, form more than one circle. Choose one child to be the "dancer." The children in the circle continue holding hands to make "church doors" -- raising and lowering their clasped hands in rhythm to this chant.

Go in and out the church doors,
Go in and out the church doors,
Go in and out the church doors,
As we sing, "Praise the Lord."

The dancer weaves in and out of the raised hands and chooses another child to be the dancer at the end of the song. Continue to play until each child has had a turn

Lori Niles is the teaching director of Moreland Family Preschool, an associate pastor, and a teacher at the seminary level in Portland, Oregon. Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change.

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