Preschool: Peter’s Fishing Party


When I taught a preschool Sunday school lesson on Peter the
fisherman, I went all out. This Sunday wasn’t just a lesson–it was
a party.

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I sent out an invitation to each child and distributed reminders
in class for two weeks before the party date. We decorated the
classroom with a replica of Peter’s fishing boat. We arranged
kid-size chairs facing each other in a tight oval large enough for
a couple of children to stand in; we then wrapped newsprint around
the outside of the chairs and drew waves on the paper.

Upon arrival at the party, the kids received “faith-catching
tackle boxes.” We made the boxes by spray painting Chinese food
takeout cartons. Each tackle box contained candy worms, gummy fish,
and plastic frogs.

After our kids enjoyed a snack of blue gelatin with gummy fish,
they played these games:

• Fishing With Jesus-Before the party, we cut out fish from poster
board and attached paper clips to two-thirds of them. We laid all
the fish with paper clips on the floor on one side of our boat and
placed all the others on the opposite side. Before class we made a
fishing pole for each child out of a wooden dowel and string with a
magnet on the end to use for this activity.

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First we told kids to fish with their fishing poles from the side
of the boat that had the fish without paper clips. As I told the
Bible story, the kids realized that they, like Peter and his
friends, weren’t going to catch any fish. Then one of our
volunteers spoke in a bellowing voice from outside the room and
told them to fish from the other side of the boat. Like the
fishermen in the Bible, the children were then able to catch plenty
of fish.

After the kids had a chance to catch their fish, we collected the
fishing poles for safety reasons.

• Musical Fish-We used yellow paper fish and two green fish to
form a circle on the floor. Children stepped on the fish as they
paraded around the circle to praise music. Each time the music
stopped and a child was standing on a green fish, he or she
repeated the Bible point of the day: “We must follow Jesus.”

• Pin the Hook on the Fish-We cut several fishing hook shapes out
of poster board and hung one large posterboard fish on the wall. We
lined up the kids, blindfolded the first child, spun him around
twice, and pointed him toward the fish. Each child had two tries to
tape the hook on the mouth of the fish.

Dena Hopkins
Metropolis, Illinois


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