Preschool Lesson: Noah’s Ark


Bring this familiar story to life for preschoolers in an ongoing learning center.

Construct a simple “ark” from a large appliance box (a refrigerator box works best).

Cut one side off the box and place the rest of the box open side up. Cover the front of the box with white or brown paper and draw “board lines” all the way across so it looks like Noah’s ark.

Leave one of the ends open or fix the lid so it can be taken on and off as needed for a door.

Each week, do one or more of the following activities in the center:

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* Have children bring stuffed animals from home to fill the ark.
* Make birds from construction paper and place them in the ark.
* Use paper plates to make several kinds of fish.
* Have children draw “friendly” snakes, spiders, and other unfavorable passengers.
Talk about the types of food Noah and his family had to gather for all the creatures. Pack a sack lunch for each child with fresh water to drink. Then board the ark for the big flood. Tell the story of Noah and his ark. Play a recording of rain, flash the lights off and on, and sprinkle a few drops of water onto the children.


Mary Davis
Montrose, Iowa



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