Preschool: God Made You

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Use Preschool: God Made You with preschoolers who love to be the center of attention. Here’s a game that allows them to be just that while you reinforce the concept that God made God made all of us…

Have the children sit in a circle with you in the center. Read aloud Genesis 1:27. Then teach this rhyme: “God made Adam, God made Eve, God made all the people we see!” Roll a rubber playground ball back and forth between you and the children after each phrase of the rhyme.

Then lead children in this variation: “God made Adam, God made Eve, God made [an adult helper’s or your name], and God made [child’s name].”

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Roll the ball to the child you name, and then have the child roll the ball back to you. Repeat this process until each child has had at least one turn. Slightly increasing the speed will increase the fun! Tune is to “This Old Man”.


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