Praying With Toddlers


There’s nothing more wonderful than praying with toddlers. Here’s a creative prayer we use with toddlers.

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We’ve developed a positive prayer time with our class of 2- and 3-year-olds. The children love it when I call them to our prayer circle. We stand, hold hands, and say, “Jesus loves me.” On “me,” we jump up. Then we sit on the floor, and I ask who has “owies or boo-boo’s.” Of course, they all do. And I say, “Who can make it better?”

One by one, children climb into my lap. I hug each child while another child prays for him or her. I also bless the children and tell them how much Jesus loves and cares for them. This prayer time has grown to be their favorite part of the hour. The children are so loving toward each other during this time. They actually sit and pray for each other.

Sue McKenzie
San Pedro, California



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