Praying for KidMin12


PrayIt’s less than two weeks
! A year’s worth of prayer, planning, and preparation will
come together with a full house of the most amazing people in
ministry…and look out! Who knows what God wants to do!

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And really…that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? What
does God want to do? How will God show up in amazing ways to
transform people’s lives and ministries?

Here’s what I know: We can’t program a move of God. Yes, we can
create an environment based on the best practices we live and
breathe by. But if that’s all we do and we don’t invite God into
our midst…it’ll be a waste of time.

So here we are with so many details to wrap up and so many
sleepless nights because we’re waking up like a kid at Christmas
time–so full of anticipation! And yet we’re very aware that the
most important thing we can do–and ask others to join us in–is to

I’m praying that God will show up at our conference and that he
will meet each person individually with power and grace. I’m
praying that our speakers and team will bless others in our radical
hospitality and deeper learning, but I’m also praying that each
person on our team will be blessed in big ways.

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Our team has prayed for every single person who’s coming. We
don’t know what the specific needs are, but God does. We are so
excited to see what God will do!

I’m praying that God will anoint our general sessions (that are
full of all kinds of creativity and surprises again this year!).
That every word will be God-spoken and that he will be the main
attraction. I’m praying that Jesus will have top starring role in
all we do as we make him the center of our conference, our lives,
and our ministries.

I’m thinking of the verse in Psalms that says unless the Lord
builds the house they labor in vain who build it.

God, please don’t let our labor be in vain! 





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