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Prayers on a Cross

There is no greater way to teach children how God can make all things beautiful, even the ugliest thing on earth, than by focusing on the cross.

Truth: We thank Jesus for his love, which makes ugly things beautiful

You'll need squares of colorful tissue paper, silk flowers, and a simple cross made from scrap lumber. Attach U-shaped brads to the cross or cover it in chicken wire.

Gather children in a circle. Hold up the cross, and say: There's nothing beautiful about a cross. The Romans used it to execute their worst criminals. But Jesus turned the cross into a beautiful thing when he gave his life for the sins of the world. We're going to turn this cross into a beautiful thing with our prayers. You may take turns adding flowers and tissue paper to the cross. Each time you add something, pray, "Thank you, Jesus, for your love."

Let kids decorate the cross. Gather kids around the finished cross, and pray: Thank you for turning the ugly cross into something beautiful. Help our lives to be beautiful as we live in your love. Amen.

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