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Prayer Stations

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Out With the Old
Use this station to give thanks for the blessings of 2008. Provide parchment-style paper for families to write down things they've been thankful for over the past year. Provide an old chest for families to place their prayers of thanksgiving inside before moving on to the next station.

In With the New
This station will focus on the hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. Provide slips of paper and helium-filled balloons at the station. Have families write about something they're looking forward to in the upcoming year such as a vacation, new baby, or a new learning milestone. Pray for God's blessing of each family member's hope for the New Year. When families leave, they can release their balloons into the sky.

Neighborhood Watch
Provide a large map of the neighborhoods in your community. Have dot stickers for families to indicate where they live, then have them pray for their neighborhood. Display the map in a common area so people in your church will know their neighborhoods have been cloaked in prayer.

Lead Me On
Display photos of your church staff and have families pray for your church staff-pray for wisdom, protection, guidance, energy, and strength to lead in the upcoming year.

Have an American flag at this station to remind families to pray for the President, their elected officials, and the men and women serving in our nation's military.

Leave the Light On
Provide a flashlight at this station. Have families turn on the flashlight and pray for friends and family members who still don't know Jesus.

Hands Around the World
Have a globe displayed at this station and have family members hold hands around the globe and pray for people in other countries-especially those who live in poverty, those who are persecuted, and for those who haven't heard the good news of Jesus.

From "Family Ministry" featured in the November/December 2008 issue of Children's Ministry magazine...


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