Prayer in Motion


Form a circle. Number the four corners of your room. Tell
children that this moving cheer will help them pray.

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Stand in the center of the circle. Ask the children to think
about each statement you make and move to the numbered corner that
best fits their answer.

Say: Today I am most thankful for:

  • my family (point to corner 1).
  • my friends (point to corner 2).
  • my home (point to corner 3).
  • my church (point to corner 4).

For clarification, repeat each sentence and point to the
numbered corners as kids are moving.

After all the children have reached a corner, ask groups each to
shout out their response as you point to their corner. úSay: Dear
God, today we are thankful for: (point to corner 1 and shout with
the children “my family”; point to corner 2 and shout with the
children “my friends”; point to corner 3 and shout with the
children “my home”; point to corner 4 and shout with the children
“my church.”)

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Repeat this process with different statements and
numbered-corner answers. Some suggestions are:

People I know who need special care are: my grandparents, my
neighbors, people who are sick, people who are sad.

Prayer response: Dear God, please take special care of…

I need to be more: loving, forgiving, kind, helpful.

Prayer response: Dear God, help me be more…

Conclude the entire prayer by having kids form a circle, join
hands, take three steps forward and shout, “Thank you, God, for
answering prayer! Amen!”

Margaret Hinchey
Denver, Colorado



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