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Prayer Breakfast

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Our church recently sponsored a Prayer Breakfast for children in grades 1 through 6. Here's a fun way we found to get kids praying.

Write a numbered list of 10 prayer needs or praise items such as "pray for your family members," "thank God for three friends," and "pray for two missionaries." (Have missionaries' photos and names available). Continue your list up to #10.

After your list is written, prepare three games: Hopscotch, Pogs, and Jump Rope. Then form three groups-one for each game. After children each take their turn at a game, have them pray aloud according to the number associated with their turn. For example, if a child's stone lands on #2 in Hopscotch, that child would pray for item #2 on the list. If a child jumps rope six times, that child would pray for item #6 on the list. Keep prayers short and simple because others are waiting for a turn.

Carole Peltari
Elkhorn, Wisconsin

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