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Pray Without Ceasing

Ali Thompson

Teach Kids to Pray

Teach kids to have a better awareness of God's presence throughout their day. Form pairs. Tell kids they'll need to count how many times they take a breath as they each tell their partner everything they've eaten so far today. After two minutes, ask kids how they did.

Try the activity again, only this time, tell them they don't need to count their breaths. After two minutes, ask: "How did counting or not counting impact how you breathed? How is breathing like or unlike God's presence? How does God's constant presence affect the way you pray?"

Tell kids that just like air is always flowing through us, God is always with us. We can feel his presence even while we do other things.


Our prayer attitude is shaped by regular times with God. Meier says kids can learn to pray regularly "by being encouraged to begin their days with a simple prayer inviting the Holy Spirit to walk and talk to them all day long. And, then, to finish each day before bed with a time of prayer reflecting upon how they felt the Holy Spirit walk and talk with them that day."

Lawrence observes that teaching kids to establish regular times to "check in" with God about the events of their day can remind them to pray and to experience the things they've prayed about. By establishing routine times to talk to God--not out of obligation but out of love--kids can learn to pray without ceasing.

Teach Kids to Pray

Help kids practice a prayer routine with this rewind/fast forward activity. Have kids rewind their minds to the beginning of their day. Tell the kids to pantomime in fast motion all the things they did before they left the house that morning. When you say, "Freeze," kids must freeze in their pantomime and think about what was on their mind as they were in that moment earlier in the day. Then, holding their frozen position, have kids silently pray about what was on their minds.

Repeat the game, this time asking kids to pantomime what they'll do to get ready for bed tonight. This time, when you call "Freeze," have kids pray about something that happened today. Afterward, encourage kids to talk to God about their day every morning and every night.

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