Potpourri Ornaments

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Teach kids to how to reach those around them, including
their families, by living the faith that is presented in this
craft-based Bible lesson.

Objective: Kids will learn that God uses them
to reach others.

Stuff you’ll need: Frozen-juice can lids,
wooden craft sticks, small boxes with lids, card stock and
scissors, large buttons, potpourri, white glue, 8-inch lengths of
narrow ribbon, and small doilies or paper coasters.

Text: Read aloud 2 Corinthians 2:15.

Tell kids to:

  1. Choose an object to create an ornament.
  2. Spread glue all over one side of your object.
  3. Press both ends of a piece of ribbon into the glue to form a
  4. Cover the glue-covered side of your object with potpourri.
    Allow this to dry
  5. Optional: Glue a doily to the back or bottom of your

Talk teasers

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Ask: How does your potpourri ornament smell?
What does it mean that we are a “fragrance of Christ”? How do you
think your faith in Christ smells to the people around you-very
fragrant, a little fragrant, or not fragrant at all? How can we be
very fragrant for Christ at school? at home? at play?

Say: Use your ornament to remind you that Jesus
wants us to be like him.

Close in prayer for the areas children mention, and ask God to
work a miracle in those areas.

GRADES 3 – 6

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