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Pop Goes the Weakness!


This dynamite devotion and object lesson teaches kids that when we're weak, Christ is strong. With this knowledge, why would any Christian ever worry?

Verses to View: 2 Corinthians 12:9-12

Tricks of the Trade: You'll need a Bible, balloons, a black permanent marker, straight pins, transparent tape, and a paper towel with one end dipped in vegetable oil.

Devotion: Before class, blow up and tie off two balloons. Draw a smiley face on one balloon and a sad face on the other. Now here is the key to this slick trick: stick one two-inch piece of transparent tape to the side of the happy-face balloon. Be sure the tape is stuck tightly to the balloon!

Place the balloons, the paper towel with vegetable oil, and a straight pin on a table. Hold up the sad-face balloon. Say:
I'd like you to meet Mr. Worried N. Weak. Mr. Worried N. Weak has a lot of troubles, and he's sure no one can help.

What are things that make you worried or weak?

Hold up the straight pin. Say:

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