Poop Balls on the Floor


Okay…something happened this last Sunday in our toddler room that in all my ministry experiences—has never happened! We had poop balls on the floor. That’s right! Poop balls!

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Here’s what happened. A new girl—Katie—came in to help with our 15 little guys. At one point, one of the boys was crying loudly and we all looked at her since she was standing right by him. “What’s wrong?” She shrugged. Then like a typhoon, the smell of dirty diaper hit all of us. “Oooh! Someone’s poopy!” We began sniffing around all the toddlers.

Poor Katie! She had this sick look on her face as she uttered, “I found it” and pointed to these two poop balls on the rug. Yep! Poop balls—just like you’d find in a doggie’s yard!

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The other adult leader and I sprang into action. She whisked up the poop balls and scrubbed the rug with Clorox spray. I got the privilege of comforting the little guy (who was distraught and embarrassed.)

I ushered him into the restroom and pulled down his pants to find—no underwear, no diaper, no Pullup! I mean—these poop balls had free reign to travel down this little guy’s leg, leaving tracks along his sweat pants; past his shoe (leaving poopy residue); and onto the floor.

I told him repeatedly that it was okay and these things happen, but he was nearly inconsolable and wanted his dad. With poop everywhere, it took a little while to get him cleaned up. Thankfully, he was very agreeable to my putting a Pullup on him this time. With damp pants back on, he actually quit crying for his dad and played happily the rest of the morning.

When Mom came to pick him up, I explained what had happened and she simply thanked me for cleaning him up. I think I stressed again that he wasn’t wearing anything under his pants, and she told me that since he was potty training, he didn’t like to wear anything underneath his pants.

Yikes! Maybe this little experience will convince them both otherwise.

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