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Plant a Seed...Grow a Volunteer

Christine Yount Jones

6 Best Web Sites for e-Cards

Want to say thank you? nice to meet you? thinking of you? get well? or just share a laugh? These are our favorite sites to find great e-greeting cards.

• (Dazzling Christian-themed e-cards)

• (Great e-cards for any situation)

• (Inspirational e-cards that'll bring a smile or tear)

• (Huge selection of top quality e-cards)

• (A paid site, but beautiful e-cards)

• (More great e-cards)

3 Best Places to Lunch With a Mother of a Preschooler

Think easy cleanup and interest areas for the little ones if you really want to have a meaningful

conversation with these young moms.

• Any place with an indoor playland or enclosed play area.

• Park with playground equipment.

• Preschool classroom -- takeout or delivery.


7 Easiest Parties for Grown-Ups

Party! Party! Everyone loves a party, but who likes the work? Try these ideas that make having a party as much fun for you as it is for your guests.

• Chocolate Boutique (An extravagant, delicious party celebrating chocolate and God's love [])

• Sports Night and Pizza

• BYOB (Bring Your Own Beef) Barbeque

• Build a Pizza (Everyone brings their favorite topping -- can work with ice cream, too, except then it's Build a Sundae)

• Grammy Awards (Get together to watch the sap and provide commentary on everything from dresses to acceptance speeches)

• Party at the Park (Everyone brings a dish and outdoor game -- you don't have to clean the house!)

• Scavenger Hunt (Yes, we're grown-ups, but these are always great fun, no matter what the age!)


12 Things to Do Before Placing Volunteers

Time for commitment? You've built friendships -- way to go! Now do the detail work that ensures the right placement of every single person on your team.

• Have people fill out an application.

• Conduct a background check.

• Learn about their SHAPE: Spiritual gifts, what they have a Heart for, what their Aptitudes/skills are, their Personality type (introvert, extrovert) and what Experiences they've had. This makes a much better fit.

• Introduce them to their future team leader -- a new friend, too!

• Watch them in action before placing them in a specific area.

• Ask them: If they had $20 to spend on themselves, how would they spend it? Great way to find out future gifts you can give for affirming!

• Ask what their love language is -- this also helps with affirmation ideas.

• Ask where else they're involved -- at church or in the community -- help them complement their commitments, not add more stress to their plate.

• Introduce them to other people on the team.

• Give them tools to be their best.

• Give them a job description.

• Pray for them.

Christine Yount Jones is the executive editor for Children's Ministry Magazine.

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