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Pint-Size Motors


Preschool-age children are rapidly exploring and refining their gross motor skills-the movement of large muscles of the body. Gross motor skills help in the development of fine motor skills that are important for elementary school readiness, such as using scissors or a pencil. Here are ideas to combine the building of gross motor skills and faith discoveries.

Hopping-Challenge preschoolers to cross the Red Sea with Moses by hopping on one foot. Or have them make large leaps with both feet as they imagine jumping over small fires in the furnace like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Climbing-As children climb playground equipment, remind them of the people who climbed the hill to hear Jesus teach or the mountain Moses climbed to receive the Ten Commandments.

Skipping-Have preschoolers use their skipping skills as they imagine what it would be like to explore the Garden of Eden.

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