Bible Game: Earthquake!


Here’s a great Bible game: Earthquake! for teaching preschoolers about Paul and Silas.

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Say: Let’s play a game of Tag to remember that God sent an earthquake to break Paul and Silas’ chains.

Choose one child to be the “jailer”—or tagger. Explain to kids that when they’re tagged, they must link arms with either the “Jailer or the previous person who was tagged to form a chain.

After a few minutes of play, yell out, “Earthquake!” When you do, everyone must stop and stomp their feet to make an earthquake rumbling noise. All of the kids who’ve been caught can break their chain and go free. But before they do, they must form a circle around the Jailer and say, “God loves you.” Choose another child to be tagger for the next round and continue playing.


  • What was it like to be chained together?
  • God helped Paul and Silas by sending an earthquake. Tell about a time God helped you with a problem.
  • The jailer wanted to know about God because Paul and Silas stayed in prison. What can we do to help other people learn about Jesus?
Bible Game: Earthquake!
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